Seth Olshfski
Name Seth Olshfski
Current Role VP of Product & Design @ Lennar
Previously Director of UX & Product Design @ Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Senior Manager @ Khan Academy
Staff Product Designer @ DeNA
About Seth

Seth has 19 years of experience managing designers, and 17 years of experience managing managers, ranging in size from tight knit teams of 5 to sprawling design orgs of 55+.

He is a people-first manager with a track record of growing his teams' careers; his reports have grown quickly in their careers, and have gone on to lead teams at MAANG companies, head design at startups, and even found their own companies.

He has led design on category-leading consumer products, from the biggest consumer facing edTech site in the US, to the highest rated console game of all time, to the highest selling PC franchise of all time and has launched over a dozen zero-to-one products.

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