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19 - 21
Tulsa, OK
Amplify is the cross-functional conference and networking event that brings tech leaders together to share perspectives on software quality and digital experience delivery.
Software Development
Quality Engineering
Amplify Innovation


The pace of innovation never slows, and the boundaries of what technology can achieve are constantly expanding.

In an era where AI, DevOps, and digital transformation are reshaping how we create and deliver software, the quest for quality, performance, and captivating digital experiences has never been more crucial.

Collaboration is imperative and yet as we're compelled to break down silos in the workplace, conferences and professional communities remain divided by role. We need to be on the same team.

Amplify is cross-functional because the future of work demands it.
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What to expect
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Amplify learning & Insight


Join a diverse and vibrant global community of innovators, technologists, and practitioners for an immersive exploration into the strategies and practices that enable organizations to confidently scale and deliver quality solutions while delighting their customers.
Meet and learn from industry leaders and experts
Strategies to thrive in the future of work
Scale approaches to software development, delivery and quality
Explore the intersection of business and engineering
Harness data to drive efficiency and insight across the organization
Improve collaboration across your teams
Amplify Celebration


With lush future lounge décor, LaFortune Studio is not just a space; it's an experience designed to ignite your imagination and inspire interaction.

This new venue within the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, reserved exclusively for private events, offers the perfect backdrop for a day of learning, conversation, and good times.

Lafortune Studio @ Tulsa PAC
LaFortune Studio
LaFortune Studio
LaFortune Studio
Amplify Knowledge


Trusted voices in modern technology

We've curated an enviable list of experts across design, product, and engineering disciplines for you to learn from and interact with during Amplify.
photo of Jenny Bramble

Jenny Bramble

Director of Engineering
photo of Jenna Charlton

Jenna Charlton

Developer Advocate
photo of Darrel Farris

Darrel Farris

US Regional CEO
Chris Harbert

Chris Harbert

Founder, CEO
Matt Hargett

Matt Hargett

Rebecker Specialties
photo of Andy Knight

Andrew Knight

Senior Director of
Product Management
Cycle Labs
photo of Jessica Mosely

Jessica Mosley

Director of Quality Engineering
Seth Olshfski

Seth Olshfski

VP, Product & Design
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Coming Soon

New Speakers Being Added
Submissions Encouraged!


We've got three days of activities planned for attendees. 

Monday Workshops

in partnership with Techlahoma
Mon, Aug 19
8AM - 12PM
36°N Basecamp

Awesome Web Testing with Playwright

Andrew Knight

Everybody gets frustrated when web apps are broken, but testing them thoroughly doesn’t need to be a chore. Playwright, a new open-source browser automation tool from Microsoft, makes testing web apps fun! Playwright offers a slew of nifty features like automatic waiting, mobile emulation, and network interception. Plus, with isolated browser contexts, Playwright tests can set up much faster than traditional Web UI tests.

In this session, we will automate concise yet robust web app tests for a Kanban board web app with Playwright in TypeScript. You'll learn to test modern web apps of any kind with modern web test tools. You’ll also be able to compare Playwright with other tools like Selenium WebDriver and Cypress.

Mon, Aug 19
1PM - 5PM

Visual Communication — A Crash Course

Jenna Charlton

Visual communication is half science, half art, and entirely confusing if you haven’t learned the principles and techniques designers use to do it well.

Get hands-on experience with the psychology behind great design to enhance your communication, and elevate your data visualization and presentation skills while preventing cognitive overload.

Tuesday Conference

Tue, Aug 20
Tulsa Club

Early Bird Networking Stroll

Meet in the Tulsa Club Hotel lobby and stroll through downtown Tulsa's Greenwood, Arts, and Deco districts and get that pre-conference energy flowing with other attendees. 

Tue, Aug 20

Breakfast & Registration

Tue, Aug 20

Welcome & Opening Keynote

Tue, Aug 20

Quality Engineering Metrics for the DevOps Era

Jessica Mosley

Jessica Mosley, Director of Quality Engineering @ TrustCloud, shares how she built a culture of quality by balancing DORA metrics, flow metrics, and traditional QA metrics.

Learn how shared metrics can help development teams create common goals, help quality professionals evaluate engineering metrics for QE success, and explore best practices for effective feedback loops.

Tue, Aug 20

Coffee Break

Tue, Aug 20

Pushing Boundaries, Finding Edges: Blueprints for Product Engineering Excellence

Matt Hargett

Tue, Aug 20

Imperfect Agile: Embrace the Journey and Ditch the Rules

Jenna Charlton

We've all heard the rhetoric, agile is a set of principles and pillars and there's no one way to be agile. That agile is about adapting and change and incremental improvement. But what happens when it's our turn to be in the drivers seat of change and everything we've learned and been taught or thought we knew about agile is suddenly put into stark contrast with the reality of our teams just trying to ship work?

Join Jenna as they share lessons learned about their self, teams, and what it means to truly be "agile" from a perfectly imperfect agile transformation.

Tue, Aug 20


Tue, Aug 20

Production is down! All hands on deck!

Jenny Bramble

Have you considered the role of testers during a major incident? Testers can be great assets during incident response. Their skills in troubleshooting, risk assessment, and communication are invaluable for managing investigations and hot fixes. This talk will explore the critical role of testers in incident management through real-world examples, offering practical strategies to engage and leverage their value in times of crisis.

Tue, Aug 20

Testing AI at the Scale of Big Data

Chris Harbert

Testing AI can be challenging. Testing at the scale of big data can be as well. When I found myself responsible for testing more than 5000 machine learning models that needed to be run on streaming data pipelines that were processing millions of records per second, I stepped up, made a lot of mistakes, and learned some really cool things along the way.

Tue, Aug 20

Coffee Break

Tue, Aug 20

From Games to Gables: Designing Across Domains

Seth Olshfski

Explore how experience from the gaming industry can unexpectedly translate into large-scale construction and design, and how every pivot is an opportunity to design a new level in your life and career.

Tue, Aug 20

Fixing a Bug: The Automation Panda goes Manual

Andrew Knight

For the past three years, I’ve been working on a little bug - a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, to be precise. This car has been *full* of problems, but that’s not much different than the apps we build. I had never worked on cars before, but my software engineering skills helped me tremendously.

I’ll tell you the whole story, from blowing up the engine to rebuilding it myself.  I’ll also share how I learned a few things from cars that transferred into my software practices. Whether running tests with automation or shifting gears with a manual transmission, certain skills remained invaluable, like curiosity, tenacity, and ingenuity.

Come learn from my mistakes so that you can build things better, whatever you choose to build.

Tue, Aug 20

Closing Keynote

Darrel Farris

Tue, Aug 20

After Party

Wednesday Networking

Wed, Aug 20
Tulsa Club

Networking Event: Tour of Tulsa

Join us as we embark on a day of curated activities as we get to know Tulsa and each other a bit better.

Call for Speakers
New and experienced speakers are welcome
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Submit your idea for a talk
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We are immensely grateful to our sponsors whose support directly impacts the success of this event. Learn more about them below.


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Tricentis is a global leader in continuous testing and quality engineering. The Tricentis AI-based, continuous testing portfolio of products provide a new and fundamentally different way to perform software testing.
Visit Tricentis


r2 Labs logo
R2 Labs is building modern autonomy control systems for robotics and industrial applications from smart ag to carbon capture, warehouse automation, and everything in between.
Visit R2 Labs
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Brightest is a global examination body supporting global certification standards in several languages, which provide a path for measuring and confirming industry-based knowledge in areas of expertise throughout the IT industry.
Visit Brightest
mock tech interviews at
Get better at algorithmic and systems design problems, and receive detailed feedback on exactly what you need to work on. Attendees will receive a coupon for one free anonymous interview worth $225.


Agile Testing Fellowship logo
The Agile Testing Fellowship is a community of agile testers, led by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, that are forging new frontiers in quality engineering.
Join the fellowship
Test Guild by Joe Colantonio
Test Guild is a community dedicated to Automation Testing. We curate cutting-edge tools, expert knowledge, and proven techniques to solve your toughest QA & DevOps problems.
Join the Test Guild
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Amplify Motivation


Abstracta is global team of software engineering, quality, and delivery experts that partner with companies to optimize their development practices, produce great software, and create beautiful digital experiences that drive value. We also manage a few open-source projects and have some great social and ESG initiatives happening in the background as well. Our newest team is being built in Tulsa.

In-person conferences are one of the best ways to recharge your batteries by spending a day interacting with others who are passionate about the same things you are. It's helpful to learn how other organizations are approaching solutions to problems so that we can approach ours with greater perspective.

The relationships and community we build at conferences often lead to connections that benefit us throughout our careers. Many of our speakers are recognized experts in their respective disciplines, delivering keynotes at conferences around the world. Smaller conferences like Amplify provide outsized opportunities for valuable experiences.

For locals, this is an opportunity to hear from new voices and build connections outside our regional bubble and partake in a fun conference experience at a significantly lower cost than other events where you might find these speakers.

For visitors, you've probably heard there's something happening in Tulsa and this is a prime opportunity to experience the city yourself while partaking in a rich, yet budget-friendly conference experience.

Networking events can feel awkward and contrived. People build meaningful connections when they experience something together, so we're creating an experience!

Join our speakers, along with select sponsors and attendees, as we embark on a day exploring and taking in the sights around the Tulsa area through a curated series of activities together. By the end of the day you'll have made more than Linkedin connections, you'll have made friends. This kind of time can be invaluable.

Participation in this event is included with certain ticket and sponsorship levels.

There are two options.

General admission is $199, which includes workshops, conference, catered breakfast & lunch, and a fun after-party.

$349 admission includes the above as well as participation in a separate "Tour of Tulsa" networking event on the following day.

There are currently two workshops scheduled on Monday, August 19th. The venue for these will be published soon!

During the conference, breakfast and lunch will be provided. When you register, we'll ask if you have any dietary restrictions and will do our best to accommodate. Lunch will be provided during Wednesday's networking event.

You betcha!

We suggest the Tulsa Club Hotel as a balance between affordability, style, and amenities. Designed by architect Bruce Goff, this anchor of Tulsa's Deco District was recently remodeled and transformed in to a 96-room boutique hotel as part of Hilton's Curio Collection. It is located 3 blocks from the conference venue. 

Destination: Tulsa

Tulsa offers a unique blend of cultural richness and modern vibrancy that may surprise first-time visitors. Nestled in the rolling hills of northeast Oklahoma, Tulsa is home to a vibrant tech community, eclectic arts scene, including the world-renowned Philbrook Museum of Art and the downtown Tulsa Arts District, which hosts a variety of galleries, restaurants, and live music venues.

The city's stunning Art Deco and Mid-Century modern architecture is a nod to its booming oil industry past, offering picturesque streetscapes that are perfect for exploring. For outdoor enthusiasts, the expansive River Parks system provides miles of scenic walking and biking trails along the Arkansas River.

With its warm, welcoming atmosphere, Tulsa is truly a destination worth discovering.
  • Tulsa is a recognized Tech Hub by the U.S. Economic Development Administration
  • Eleven local businesses on the Inc. 5000 list
  • The Tulsa Remote program has enabled thousands of tech workers to relocate here
  • Tulsa has one of the largest collections of Art Deco architecture in the nation
  • The Gathering Place won USA Today's Best City Park award for 2024
  • Tulsa is the birthplace and heart of historical Route 66
Route 66
Downtown Tulsa
Philbrook Museum of Art
photo of Westhope, a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
a photo of a park in Tulsa, with downtown in the background
photo of the Gathering Place, voted Best U.S. City Park in 2024
photo of the Golden Driller statue in Tulsa, OK
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